Quick Bites of Pulumi: Random Provider

Quick Bites of Pulumi: Random Provider

Jan 3, 2022·

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This is a very quick overview of the Random Provider from Pulumi, similar to the Quick Bites of Cloud Engineering videos from Laura Santamaria (@nimbinatus)


Random Provider

The Random Provider is on of many providers that come with Pulumi. Currently, it implements the following functions:

  • RandomId
  • RandomInteger
  • RandomPassword
  • RandomPet
  • RandomShuffle
  • RandomString
  • RandomUuid

I will show you three of them in more detail.



Do you want also this cool names, like when you start a docker container? Or don't want to set a name for your k8s cluster or virtual machines? Then this function is definitely for you.

Just call the function NewRandomPet and you will get a random pet name! Simplez!

Here is a golang example:

serverName, err := random.NewRandomPet(ctx, "pet-server-name", &random.RandomPetArgs{})
ctx.Export("serverName", serverName.ID())

And the output is:

serverName: "correct-turkey"



I love RandomShuffle. It is a function that is great to do random permutation of a list of strings. Set the ResultCount for the number of results to return. With the argument Seed you can set the seed for the random number generator.

vmSize, err := random.NewRandomShuffle(ctx, "vm-size", &random.RandomShuffleArgs{
    Inputs: pulumi.StringArray{
    ResultCount: pulumi.Int(2),

ctx.Export("vmSize", vmSize.Results)

And the output is:

vmSize: [
    [0]: "Standard_DS12-1_v2"
    [1]: "Standard_D4_v3"



Last but not least, the RandomUuid function. The classic UUID generator for literally anything and everything.

uuid, err := random.NewRandomUuid(ctx, "random-uuid", nil)

ctx.Export("uuid", uuid.Result)

voilà, the output is:

uuid: "cc222078-6b73-b35a-970c-974e331a9ede"

Try this provider for yourself, in your next Pulumi project!

You can find more information about the Random Provider