minectl ๐Ÿ—บ: Running a PaperMC SkyBlock server - Hetzner edition


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SkyBlock is the most fun and addictive game mode, next to BedWars.

So why not use minectl to create a SkyBlock server.

For this tutorial, we are going to use PaperMC as server and the BentoBox plugin.


Paper (formerly known as PaperSpigot, distributed via the Paperclip patch utility) is a high performance fork* of Spigot.


BentoBox is a powerful Bukkit library plugin that provides core features for island-style games like SkyBlock, AcidIsland, SkyGrid and others.


From their website:

As a leading webhosting provider and experienced datacenter operator in Germany, Hetzner Online offers professional hosting solutions for a fair price.

For this installation we going to choose their CX21 plan which offers is 2vCPU, 4GB RAM and 40GB of disk.

That's all for 0,010โ‚ฌ/h or 5,83โ‚ฌ/mo which is quite a nice price.



You need a valid SSH keypair. Generate it with following command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -f hetzner-ssh

Let us build the parts, so we can deploy our BentoBox SkyBlocks server

The minectl ServerManifest for Hetzner CX21 and PaperMC looks like this:

apiVersion: ediri.io/minectl/v1alpha1
kind: MinecraftServer
  name: minecraft-server
    cloud: hetzner
    region: nbg1
    size: cx21
    ssh: "hetzner-ssh"
    port: 25565
      openjdk: 16
      xmx: 1G
      xms: 1G
        password: hetzner
        port: 25575
        enabled: true
        broadcast: true
    edition: papermc
    version: 1.17.1-138
    eula: true
    properties: |
      motd=\u00A7cHetzner \u00A7rMinecraft -- \u00A76PaperMC \u00A7redition with \u00A7eBSkyBlock

Save this to hetzner.yaml

Export the API token as ENV variables:

export HCLOUD_TOKEN=yyyy

Now we can launch our instance via minectl

minectl create -f hetzner.yaml

Wait until you can see the server in your Minecraft Launcher:


Now we can download the two plugins we need:

And upload them to our PaperMC server:

minectl plugins -f hetzner.yaml --id 13621910 --plugin plugins/BentoBox-1.17.2.jar --destination /minecraft/plugins

Wait that the server restarted and it's available in the launcher again, before uploading the second plugin.

According to the installation documents of BSkyBlock, it needs to be installed in the addons folder of the BentoBox.

So the upload command will look like this:

minectl plugins -f hetzner.yaml --id 13621910 --plugin plugins/BSkyBlock-1.15.1.jar --destination /minecraft/plugins/BentoBox/addons/

Wait again, for the server to be ready and join the server.

To enable BSkyBlock just type /skyblock in the ingame chat and choose an island


Done ๐ŸŽŠ


More details and install instructions -> minectl ๐Ÿ—บ

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